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Night view of Manhattan from the Top of the rock, Rockefeller Center Observatory. This 70-story, 850-foot GE Building was formerly known as the RCA Building and was also known as “30 Rock”. The building houses NBC’s New York studios, including the Saturday Night Live and The Today Show.

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Past couple of weeks were crazy – school stuff and travel. Now I’m back will be traveling your streams 🙂

17mm F/2.8 2.5secs
Raw files processed with Capture One (Custom WB at 3100 K), tiff files processed in PS.

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जहाँ ढुंगा ढुंगामा – देवताको वास छ … ( Where god lives in every stone .. )

It has been SEVEN months since I’m home away. Can’t express how much I miss Nepal. Just let me touch that water again.

This lake Thulopokhari ( which literally means ‘a large lake’) is situated at the altitude of 4080m (13,418 ft) in Sankhuwasabha, Nepal. This is the origin of a stream called Ipsuwa Kholaa and considered very sacred.

This photograph was taken on the 5th day of my trek to Makalu


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Photography has been my latest crush.

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Hey Rainbow!

I know,
  you shine for me.
    While the crowd goes crazy,
      by the rhythm of your hues,
        your eyes are always searching for me.

          You want me to be
            the other half-circle of you.
              And I want to see
                all my happiness in you.

                 I get burned,
                  when lustful clouds surround.
                  I get drenched,
                  when your tears rain down.

                 I know,
                you stole all those colors
               to blend our dreams with it.
              And you painted it all over you,
             to be my mirror spirit.

          But still rainbow,

      You shine high above the sky,
    I creep on the ground.
  It hurts to know that
rainbow never shines in a round.

There is always one FULL MOON in my dreamsky.